Write of Passage
Summer Camp

Write of Passage Summer Camp is going to be an online experience, where students can be creative together.

This program is the opposite of traditional education. Kids from around the world will focus on the fun parts of learning, such as the laughter of creativity and following the light of curiosity.

In just one week, students will go from start to finish on a project of their choosing.

Students can join from anywhere in the world. All they need is a computer, a video camera, and a fast Internet connection. Every session will be live, and last for 90 minutes. That way, we can create a dynamic environment that encourages creativity and imagination.

Write of Passage summer camp begins in June.

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    Internet-Inspired Learning

    Learning on the Internet is the opposite of learning in the classroom. In school, kids start with the basics and expand towards their curiosities. In Write of Passage Summer Camp, they will start with their curiosities and expand towards the basics.

    No Adult-Imposed Curriculum

    We will operate with a light-touch instead of a heavy hand. In just a week, kids will take a project of their own choosing from start to finish, and present their creation at the end of the week. In collaboration, campers will dream up new ideas and execute their projects together.

    A Space for Group Learning

    Every session will be live and online. You don't need any materials except a computer with a video camera and fast Internet. By working with other students from around the world, kids will make new friends and experience the radiant energy of live online learning.